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Building A Strong IP Portfolio


This rich combination of experience have allowed Emerald Isle IP to work very effectively with technical clients.

Because the founders are from the industry, they deeply understand the industrial needs.

This is what sets Emerald Isle IP apart from other IP companies.


Emerald Isle IP serve clients ranging from multinationals to local SMEs to companies doing R&D.

Clients come from various industry segments. Some examples are:

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Renewable Energy

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • RF Microwave
  • Chemical
  • Material Science
  • Automation


Clients engage Emerald Isle IP in various capacities.

  •    Many “sub-out” their IP operations to Emerald Isle IP because of the full range of IP solutions &  services that Emerald Isle IP provide.
  •    Some engage Emerald Isle IP on a project by project basis.
  •    Some come to Emerald Isle IP for consultancy.


Benefits To Clients

  • Excellent communication and understanding of clients. “We are inventors too. We know what you’re talking about”. This let’s Emerald Isle IP provide better advise, deliver superior services like executing more comprehensive patent searches and writing stronger and broader patent drafts.
  • Emerald Isle IP offers a complete range of IP consultancy and services. This ranges from upstream strategic IP management to down stream tactical IP administration. Emerald Isle IP also provides patent harvesting services like Innovation Workshop.
  • Given the founders experience working on a global level, all products and service meet international requirements. Emerald Isle IP have help many local clients neutralize IP threats against larger multinational companies. Emerald Isle IP have the competency to execute comprehensive world wide searches; all patent drafts can be foreign filed. Emerald Isle IP also have a vast international IP network and associates .
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